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Our Residency Advocacy Group

Our residents have always been involved in advocacy.  The photo above is a group of graduates who welcomed Afghan refugees at the Philadelphia airport last year.
(One of the residents was once an Afghan refugee herself!)

What's New?  Our Residency Committee!

Our committee was formed this year by a group of residents with a special interest in advocacy! We are specifically focused on community engagement and partnering with local organizations. Currently, we are in discussion with multiple organizations in order to determine where our support would be most beneficial to the community. We are planning to start some projects in the upcoming months. Additionally, we are working with leadership to form an advocacy track to ensure project continuity amidst graduating classes. We are eager to recruit incoming residents with a passion for advocacy to join us! If you have any questions- please feel free to reach out!  

Courtney Kaye - PL2

Hira Aslam - PL2

Ayushi Pathak - PL2

Brady Stevens - PL3

Hannah Martin - PL3

Becca Matta - PL3


Our Advocacy Efforts are Growing!

At Nemours we are completely reinventing our Advocacy rotation from the ground up, and it will start in July with the next class.  We have planned a three-tiered approach to education in advocacy.  In the first year, residents will learn the essential elements of advocacy at all levels, from personal to national.  In the second year, residents will have boots-on-the-ground advocacy experiences.  You won’t just learn about WIC, for example, you’ll go to the WIC office and see how it works.  You’ll go to the Juvenile Justice program, you’ll testify on health bills.  In the third year, residents will complete an advocacy project, mentored by attendings who are passionate about improving the lives of children.

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