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Incredible Interns

DSCN0685 - Nicole Adler.jpg

Nicole Adler, MD

Undergrad: Tufts University

Medical School: Frank H. Netter MD SOM at Quinnipiac University


Interests: Tennis, Reading Fiction, Hiking, Hitting up the beach, Biking, TV & Movies

Career Goal: ID? Endo? Hem/Onc? PHM? TBD!

Where I live and what I love about it: Riverfront in Wilmington! I love going for walks along the river on the path and there are restaurants nearby with outdoor seating in the summer. Also, it's a short commute to the hospital

Justin Alicea, MD

Undergrad: Cornell University

Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Interests: I love history, studying Catholic theology/philosophy, and starting (but never quite learning) new languages. I am also a casual gamer.

Career goal: I am undecided and am keeping my mind open to all the possibilities!

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Trolley Square in Wilmington, DE. I love that it is an 8-minute commute to Nemours! It is a also a very walkable area with good options for food and a beautiful riverside park.

Why I chose Nemours: I knew from interview day that it was my first choice. I was looking for a program within 50 miles from my family with residents that were clearly friends outside of work, faculty that were excited about teaching, and a beautiful hospital and surrounding area. I absolutely made the right choice!

IMG_0856 - Lindsay Becker.jpeg

Lindsay Becker, MD

Undergrad: Middlebury College

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth


Interests: I love to run, hike, garden, and I never turn down a lawn game. I am an avid sports (all of them) enthusiast, and I follow most in-season games and tournaments. I’ve even expanded my repertoire recently through Netflix’s series about Formula One and the Tour De France (so good)! I spend other free time cooking and baking, and I love to read.

Career goal: Undecided!

Where I live and what I love about it: Pennsport Philadelphia! I’ve really been enjoying exploring the city and its incredible food.

Why I chose Nemours: I thought between the people I met in the program, the diverse patient population, and the stand alone Children’s hospital, I would get a fantastic pediatric education. Proving myself right!

Ryan Cowan, MD

Undergrad: Penn State

Medical School: Meharry Medical College

Interests: Video Games, Cooking, Hiking


Career goal: Pediatric Heme/Onc


Where I live and what I love about it: Newark, DE - lots of restaurants and bars to explore, close to both Christiana and Nemours

Why I chose Nemours: I chose Nemours because I already knew it was a wonderful place to be. I was a tech in the Emergency Department at Nemours before medical school, and my time there shaped my passion for pediatrics.

image_67225345 - Ryan Cowan.jpg
IMG-1249 - Katie DiBello.jpg

Katherine "Katie" DiBello, MD

Undergrad: La Salle University

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine


Interests: Cooking, reading, swimming, board games

Career goal: Most likely primary care. I also have interests in health equity, community outreach, and medical education!

Where I live and what I love about it: North Wilmington suburbs - I love the short commute to work, and it's not too far from my family in Philly!

Why I chose Nemours: The people here are amazing, and I really wanted the opportunity to work with them and learn from them! I was also particularly drawn to how receptive the program is to resident feedback and the expanding advocacy curriculum.


Hunter Kupchella, DO

Undergrad: Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Virginia

Interests: Hanging with my husband and our vizsla, Cooper, binging reality dating shows, cooking, listening to investigative podcasts

Career Goal: General pediatrics - I love primary care!

Where I live and why I love it: Currently living in Philly, but soon moving to the 'burbs between Philly and Wilmington! I really enjoy living in Philly because there are endless things to do there: parks, concerts, great food, etc. But now I am excited to live in the suburbs for an lighter commute with easy access to the train to get back into Philly!

Why I chose Nemours: Things that stood out to me about Nemours: it was the ideal program size for me, all of the residents and preceptors I met as a visiting student were so kind and helpful, and there are so many services offered within the hospital which equates to more learning opportunities!

Website Pic - Hunter Kupchella.jpg
IMG_0030 - Sean Greco.jpg

Sean Greco, MD

Undergrad: Penn State

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Interests: My dog, trying new restaurants, Philly sports, Penn State football, thrifting/ antiquing

Career Goal: Something inpatient like PICU or hospitalist or a sub-specialty with a primary inpatient service.

Where I live and what I love about it: South Philly! It is so walk-able to the rest of the city and has so many unique neighborhoods, great restaurants, and things to do. It's very easy to get on the highway to work but also on the subway to any of the games. It's a great city all around with great people.

Why I chose Nemours: It really was the people. They are the kind of people that I knew I would be happy with during my time here.

Sneha Hingorany, MD

Undergrad: Northeastern University

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine


Interests: Trashy reality TV, trying new restaurants, playing with my dog Bee, dance

Career Goal: TBD- I have so many interests right now! I would love to be able to balance roles in clinical medicine and medical education someday.

Where I live and what I love about it: Claymont, DE. I love that it is nestled right in between the hubs of both Wilmington and Philly. It's the best of both worlds!

Why I chose Nemours: I did an away rotation here my 4th year and absolutely loved the people and the culture! I knew this was a place where I would be both nurtured and challenged. Plus, the hospital is beautiful!

7E53F4EF-6A97-4EE6-827D-379B1CA948BC - Sneha Hingorany.jpg
P1010291_Original - Grace Hogan.jpeg

Grace Hogan, DO

Undergrad: Villanova University

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests: Going to coffee shops, making TikToks of my dog, reading, playing piano

Career goals: Probably pediatric emergency medicine

Where I live and what I love about it: Philadelphia, Washington Square West — I love being walkable to so many different parts of the city. It gives me lots of options for groceries/coffee/restaurants and makes it easy to meet up with friends!

Why I chose Nemours: The people and the entire vibe of the program! It was clear during the interview day and happy hour that the program is super collaborative and the residents are friends outside of work, too. I also love getting to do some of my clinical time in Philadelphia!

Anna Lackey, DO

Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh

Medical School: Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests: I love running, doing yoga (Yoga with Adriene, obviously!!), going out to eat with friends, and trying to keep my house plants alive!

Career Goals: Not sure yet! It’s been fun to keep an open mind and to what I gravitate towards

Where I live and why I love it:  I live in Wilmington! I love the short commute to the hospital because it gives me time during the day to do other things that are important to me. There are also great places to explore within Wilmington (restaurants, hikes, etc.) and I love how close it is to Philly!

Why I chose Nemours: I feel as though the leadership sees each of us as a whole person and not just as a resident. There is a different, positive energy at Nemours that I loved — everyone is genuinely so fun and nice! It was a very clear choice for me and I am so happy to be here!

IO4A3083 - Anna Lackey.jpeg
IMG_4673 - Joey Leone.jpeg

Joey Leone, MD

Undergrad: Penn State

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College


Interests: Making music, biking, cooking recipes from gourmet instagram chefs at a mediocre level

Career Goal: Working in Medical Education


Mackenzie McDougal, MD

Undergrad: University of Miami 

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine


Interests: Going to the beach, walking my dog, solving puzzles, cooking new recipes, watching or playing sports especially football!

Career Goal: Torn between NICU and heme/onc

Where I live and what I love about it: Wilmington near Trolley Square - I love how walkable it is and that it is so close to the hospital! We are near the highway so it is easy to get into Philly but also have our own little area with lots of restaurants and bars.

Why I chose Nemours: I grew up not far from Nemours and always thought it would be so awesome to come full circle and work here! I loved the size of the program, the support from coworkers as well as the faculty, and the complexity of patients that get treated at Nemours. Everyone seemed to have so much fun during the interview and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the team too!

thumbnail_IMG_0008 - Mackenzie McDougal.jpg
IMG_2827 - Samantha Neumann.jpeg

Samantha Neumann, DO

Undergrad: Pennsylvania State University

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine


Interests: Exercising, reading, hiking, traveling, eating

Career goal: Undecided :)

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Old City, Philadelphia and love how cute and quaint the neighborhood is! I love exploring the coffee shops and restaurants all over Philly

Why I chose Nemours: The people!! Everyone is so friendly and so eager to help you succeed in every way possible

Rebecca Petlansky, MD

Undergrad: University of Scranton

Medical School: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine


Interests: Biking and hiking, playing video games (especially animal crossing!), spending time with my nephew

Career Goal: Undecided

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Greenville, DE. I love being close to the hospital, having access to a Starbucks and a few other shops and restaurants in walking distance, and being close to hiking trails.

Why I chose Nemours: The energy at my interview was unmatched. I knew I could have fun at Nemours while getting an amazing education. Delaware also seemed like a great place to live, and the hospital itself is beautiful!

0CE1007E-2360-4567-BB84-7EB882DBAB02 - Becky Petlansky.jpeg
8F89DCF1-1EED-4BDD-AF3B-672687E31550 - Margot Porter.jpeg

Margot Porter

Undergrad: Brigham Young University

Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine

Interests: Hiking, skiing, thrifting

Career Goal: Complex care

Where I live and what I love about it: Downtown Wilmington! I wanted to be close to Nemours & my apartment is an 8 min drive away which I love. It’s a few blocks from the Brandywine Creek trail and there are tons of good restaurants, farmers markets, and outdoor music events close by around Rodney Square!

Why I chose Nemours: I was looking for a mid/large size program with strong complex care training in a free standing children’s hospital. I also wanted a location that had fun outdoor/rec options and things to do during time off—there’s so much to do in Delaware & Philly! Also love the X+Y schedule so you actually have time to be social! What I love most about Nemours is that people here are so genuine, I felt like I fit in right from interview day.

Marcus Ramspott, DO

Undergrad: Washington University

Medical School: Kansas City University

Interests: Fitness, Football, Guitar, Board Games, Exploring Philadelphia

Career Goals: Pediatric Cardiology

Where I live and what I love about it: South Philly: Great Food, Sports, Concerts, and Festivals

Why I chose Nemours: The People!

FB Pic - Marcus Ramspott.jpeg

Nathanael Rehmeyer, DO

Undergrad: Skidmore 

Medical School: NYITCOM

Interests: Soccer, running, volleyball

Career Goals: Fellowship, not sure which one yet!

Where I live and what I love about it: Downtown Wilmington and I love my pool and being near the river front!

Why I chose Nemours: Amazing interview day where everyone seemed so genuine and happy! Residents seemed so supportive and collaborative.

Paul Rosenberger, MD

Undergrad: Clemson University

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

Interests: Running, Movies, Reading, Cooking

Career Goals: Open to everything! I currently have interests in Critical Care, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, and Hospital Medicine

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Center City Philadelphia with my amazing girlfriend. We love to walk to nearby restaurants and venues including Reading Terminal Market which is just a few blocks away from us! There is always something to do in Philly.

Why I chose Nemours: I chose Nemours because I wanted a mid-sized program that prioritizes advocacy for their patients and wellness for their residents. I like that we have the incredible resources of a national health leader in pediatrics combined with a great academic institution in Jefferson. I have also come to love the Philly/Delaware valley area and wanted to stay here. Lastly, the people here are amazingly kind and genuine and will throw you a party when you work on your birthday! (See picture)

IMG_0255 - Paul Rosenberger.jpeg
619F2356-172E-4616-9E94-F32441C5E7A2_1_201_a - Courtney Scharbach.jpeg

Courtney Scharbach, DO

Undergrad: Siena College

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests: I love traveling, trying new restaurants and breweries, and I am obsessed with plants!

Career Goal: Currently I am leaning towards NICU!

Why I was drawn to Nemours: Wilmington! It's very affordable and where I'm located has a suburban feel, which I love. I live about 10 minutes from the hospital, which is a huge plus!

Why I chose Nemours: I did a rotation at Nemours as a 4th year medical student and absolutely loved everything about the program! I could tell that the residents truly supported each other, which was one of the most important factors for me. On interview day, I saw all of the opportunities for residents to get involved in research, projects, the community, advocacy, etc., which was also a huge draw for me. A few weeks into residency, and I could not be happier with my decision!

Ben Sigman, MD

Undergrad: New York University

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Interests: talking with family, hanging out with friends, watching tv shows/movies, listening to music

Career Goal: Currently undecided on my career goals, but am leaning towards hospital medicine

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Claymont, DE! It is ~15 minute drive to Nemours and very close to the Claymont Septa station, which makes it easy to get to rotations at Jefferson in Philadelphia. Claymont has some fun places to eat, pretty much no traffic, and lots of parking space, all of which were important to me when finding a place to live.

Why I chose Nemours: Nemours has an X+Y rotation structure, which is something I really wanted in my pediatric residency program. We have night team weeks but no 24-hour call as interns, which is also something I was looking for. I also wanted a program traditional morning report and noon conference, rather than half days of academics each week. Most importantly, I was very impressed by the sense of community and friendship I saw from residents and faculty on interview day.

IMG_2071 - Samantha Starkey.jpg

Sam Starkey, MD

Undergrad: Stanford University

Medical School: University of British Columbia - Island Medical Program

Interests: Mystery novels, waffles, home workout videos, trying new recipes with friends & family, learning Spanish, quality time with my cats

Career goal: Undecided

Where I live and what I love about it: Wilmington, highlands/near the creek. I love it because it's quiet and green, and also close to the hospital.

Why I chose Nemours: Supportive, innovative program. Loved the idea of a 2 week block system, x+y, coaching program and being at a freestanding children's hospital. Also I got great vibes from interview day (can confirm good vibes in real life too now that I've started)

Michael Sun, MD

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine


Interests: Designing Mechanical Turning Puzzles, Volleyball

Career Goal: Pediatric Hepatology

Where I live and what I love about it: Philadelphia, After a couple years in Philly, I've really become entrenched in the city. I began to explore the different spots it has and I became very involved in the different communities in the city; notably, the volleyball community. Philly has an excellent volleyball scene, and I've made many friends through this group. I also have a number of close friends who have moved into the city over the past year, and it's made life in the city very enjoyable.

Why I chose Nemours: So I’ve rotated through many of the children’s hospitals and general hospitals in the local area, and I’ve come to see the many different ways that institutions approach patient care and resident education. I remember when I did my away rotation at Nemours in Rheumatology. I was absolutely floored by the incredible bedside manner the attendings showed. They were empathetic, charismatic, and brilliant. One of the attendings could bring levity to the situation without making light of its gravity. She could reach her patients on a more cordial level, without losing professionalism. It was such a fine line that she masterfully navigated that I thought to myself, “If I had the chance to even just observe this, then there’s so much I could learn.” I came to realize that no matter where I went, I would get good clinical training, but there aren’t many places where I could learn from physicians who could show me how to be a greater person for myself and for my patients. That’s why I chose Nemours.

IMG_0678 - Michael.jpg
Profile - Casey Toback.jpg

Casey Toback, MD

Undergrad: College of William and Mary

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College


Interests: singing, playing piano, reading, hiking, playing with my two dumb cats, board gaming

Career Goal: Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics or Adolescent Medicine

Where I live and what I love about it: Philadelphia! I've been here for 11 years, and I love the city. It's charming in its own right, and so walkable. I love being able to walk to see my friends and go to one of the many amazing vegan (and non-vegan) restaurants around here!

Why I chose Nemours: As a Jeff med student, I knew Nemours; I loved the doctors I worked with, and I knew the residents were awesome people. Staying in Philly was the priority for me, and secondary to that was being at a program that was welcoming, felt like a family, and also offered great medical and advocacy-related opportunities.

Daphna Varadi, MD

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University

Medical School: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University


Interests: Running, cooking and baking, traveling, knitting, reading FOR FUN, anything involving being outside

Career Goal: Not sure yet but I like continuity - I'm having fun exploring!

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in Philly in the Bella Vista neighborhood. I love all of the little neighborhoods Philly has to offer, the amazing restaurants, the ability to walk to all of my favorite places. The drive to Delaware has been so nice, gives me dedicated time to myself before/after work that I'm really appreciating.

Why I chose Nemours: I wanted to train at Nemours because after doing an away rotation here, I felt like everyone loves to teach. I never felt silly asking more questions and appreciated that residents, attendings, dietitians, etc. were always eager to explain and engage with me as a learner. The hospital is beautiful and bright which is fun for patients and staff, and the residents are well supported.

IMG_7951 - Daphna Varadi.jpg
IMG_4097 - Kristen Wolfgang.jpeg

Kristen Wolfgang

Undergrad: Penn State Abington

Medical School: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Interests: Working out, trying new restaurants, any outdoor activity, and of course my 2 cats Peaches and Pumpkin :)

Career Goal: Pediatric hospitalist

Where I live and what I love about it: Wilmington; I love the the proximity to the outdoors and I found an amazing gym here! My apartment and gym are super close to the hospital and there are so many good restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

Why I chose Nemours: Too many reasons to list! Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and happy to teach the residents. The educational opportunities here are vast and the faculty are very supportive of individual goals. Resident wellness is also a priority here and I have already made wonderful friends and colleagues :)

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