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Med/Peds PGY1
Matthew Eiman, MD


Undergrad: George Mason University

Medical School: Drexel

Interests: Running, hiking, traveling, exploring whatever city I'm in

Career Goals: Complex care or hospitalist

Where I live and what I love about it: The Ton (AKA Wilmington)- super close to the hospital and lots of great eats/bars in Trolley Square, plus Brandywine Park is so pretty!

Why I chose Nemours: Obviously the people!!! Also, we care for and our greatly appreciated by our local community and see patients come in from all across the country! It's nice to become so invested in the community and feel the appreciation right back.

IMG_8621 - Matt Eiman.jpg

Med/Peds PGY1
Layla Annous, MD


Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Interests: Skiing, cooking

Career Goals: Possibly dual med-peds hospitalist

Why I chose Nemours: Because of the amazing people :)

Med/Peds PGY1
Tori Powell, MD MPH


Undergrad: Tufts University

Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School

Interests: Hiking, biking, rock climbing, playing with my dog "Waffles"

Career Goals: Either complex care or med/peds hospitalist

Where I live and what I love about it: Trolley square! It's so fun to live near so many of my co-residents and have easy access to lots of restaurants, bars, and state parks.

Why I chose Nemours: I loved all the people I interviewed with at Christiana/Nemours. In particular I was looking for a program that was a free standing children's hospital with lots of complex and transitional care. Practicing here is unique in that it is one of the only children's hospitals in the area so everyone knows and loves Nemours!

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Val Lim - Val Lim.jpg

Med/Peds PGY2
Valerie Lim, MD


Undergrad: Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Interests: I love anything involving the outdoors or being active -- hiking, running, traveling, rock climbing, going to the beach, and watering my plants. I also enjoy continuing my ongoing search for the best local food/dessert spots around me :)

Career Goals: Currently undecided! Leaning towards hospitalist, primary care, or complex care

Where I live and what I love about it: Old City in Philadelphia, PA - I love the variety of cute restaurants, cafes, and historic gems in Old City. I also enjoy the proximity to the pier/waterfront as well as the accessibility to center city and chinatown while living what I find to be a relatively quiet part of the city.

Why I chose Nemours: I was drawn to this program for many reasons - the supportive community of residents and faculty, the variety of pediatric subspecialties and diverse patient population, and the Med-Peds presence!

Med/Peds PGY2
Scott Haraczy, MD


Undergrad: Colgate University

Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

Interests: Parenting three boys, attempting to be a good husband and father, anything and all things Pittsburgh, trying different foods, listening to any and all types of music (except Pop music)

Career Goals: Academic Med-Peds Primary Care

Where I live and what I love about it: Delaware is a hidden gem with tons to do not only as a young adult but as a father/husband. Not only is there a litany of parks, playgrounds, and outdoor things to do, there are plenty of amazing food options around (including Costco), and if you’re a City Slicker, you’re well within reach of Philly, Baltimore, DC, and NYC.

Why I chose Nemours: Amazing stand alone children’s hospital, wonderful teaching


Med/Peds PGY2
Steven Duncan, MD


Undergrad: Brigham Young University

Medical School: UTSW

Interests: Global health, creative writing, hiking, amateur phone photography, trying new places to eat (open to curry recommendations)

Career Goals: Dual med-peds hospitalist, global health work

Where I live and what I love about it: Greenville, Delaware. I love the quiet neighborhood and living close to family. Delaware is perfectly situated between major big cities for easy day trips.

Why I chose Nemours: Nemours is a beautiful place to work! I love that Nemours has a good reputation in the community which reflects commitment to humanistic values and patient-centered care.

Med/Peds PGY2
Joey Assali, MD


Undergrad: Temple University

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

Interests: spending time with friends & family, eating good food, watching tv, playing videogames

Career Goals: keep practicing both adult and pediatric medicine

Where I live and what I love about it: New Castle area, lots to do and not too far of a commute

Why I chose Nemours: The people!

IMG-8274 - Ginny Hoch.jpg

Med/Peds PGY3
Ginny Hoch, MD


Undergrad: Northwestern University

Medical School: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Interests: Running, reading, hiking

Career Goals: Nephrology

Where I live and what I love about it: Pike Creek! It a beautiful green, forested area that is super close to Christiana (as a med-peds resident I spend a good deal of time there), very close to Nemours, and White Clay Creek State Park is basically in my back door!

IMG_5462 - Alissa Ebenhoeh.jpeg

Peds PM&R PGY1
Alissa Ebenhoeh, MD


Undergrad: University of Michigan

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Interests: Going to concerts, hiking, cooking, and all things house plants!

Career Goals: My career goal is to be a pediatric physiatrist and work in an inpatient rehab setting.

Where I live and what I love about it: I live at the Harlan Flats in Wilmington. I love the Riverfront location. There are many restaurants within walking distance and the riverfront path is great for walking/running too!

Why I chose Nemours: I ranked Nemours highly because of the culture and the leadership. I felt right at home on interview day. Everyone was so king and welcoming.

Peds PM&R PGY1
Emily Emamzadeh, MD


Undergrad: George Washington University

Medical School: George Washington University School of Medicine

Interests: Cooking, working out (running, walking, cycling), traveling

Career Goals: Pediatric Rehabilitation! :)

Where I live and what I love about it: I live in downtown Wilmington. It’s so close to the hospital and some cute restaurants/cafes!

Why I chose Nemours: I chose Nemours because of its incredibly supportive environment, their commitment to enhance our education and professional development, and for the opportunity to be trained in both pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

IMG_0028 - Emily Emamzadeh.jpeg

Peds PM&R PGY2
Andrew Fisher, MD


Undergrad: Vanderbilt University

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Interests: Sports (Indianapolis Colts, Chelsea FC), Traveling, Home Improvement

Career Goals: Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Where I live and what I love about it: Philadelphia, PA – It has all the attractions of a large, northeast city (diversity, food, cultural events, etc.) without feeling too large or overwhelming and at a lower cost than similar cities.

Peds PM&R PGY3
ichelle Konkoly, MD

Undergrad: Georgetown University

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Interests: Hanging out with my corgi, Ollie; baking healthy baked goods that don't taste healthy; finding the best cheap restaurants in Philly; SCUBA diving; and working out!

Career Goal: peds rehab, specifically sports med for young para-athletes

Where I live and what I love about it: For second year, I moved back to center city Philadelphia after living in Wilmington for intern year. I love the easy commute and wide open spaces of Wilmington, and I love the vibrancy and food scene of Philly! 

Michelle Personal.jpg

Peds PM&R PGY4
Becks Wilding, DO

Undergrad: University of Missouri Columbia

Medical School: AT Still College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests: cooking, naps, scary movies, live music


Career goal: In an ideal world, would love to do a combination of adolescent chronic pain, rehab transition clinic, and inpatient rehab!


Where I live and what I love about it: I live in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Philly, it's an "up and coming" area with a mix of long time Philly residents and young families. I even live around the corner from one of the APDs!

Peds PM&R PGY5
Sarah Gh
attas, DO

Undergrad: Pennsylvania State University 

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests: eating, cooking, traveling, board games

Career Goals: mix of inpatient and outpatient peds rehab 

Where I live and what I love about it : Wallingford, pa - about halfway between Philadelphia and DuPont - close to plenty of good restaurants while still being residential!


Peds Neurology PGY1
Sienna McNett, MD

Undergrad: Penn State

Medical School: George Washington

Interests: Gardening, Thrifting, Photography

Career Goals: Pediatric Neurologist

Where I live and what I love about it: Media, PA! I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning and seeing critters like deer outside my window. I love checking out small local coffee shops and gluten free restaurants.

Why I chose Nemours: The overall warm, family feel

Peds Neurology PGY2
Seema Balasubramaniam, MD

Undergrad/Med School: Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune

Interests: Birdwatching, Gardening, Running

Career Goals: Neurocritical care

Where I live and what I love about it: Riverfront, enjoying late evening walks, plenty of good food around and a short commute to the hospital!

Why did I choose Nemours: Great clinical exposure, strong academics, plenty of advocacy and research opportunities!!

IMG_3106 - Seema Bala.jpeg
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